Tuesday, August 31, 2004

As I recall, early on in the ol' bloghouse, I went on about dogs in ads. Once again the cycling world has turned void for substance for void in oh! so short a time. One of the very best ads featuring a dog is being broadcast now for IKEA furniture. I'm not sure what breed the dog is though I'm tempted to say Rat Terrier since it has an almost weiner-doggy body with stumpy little legs yet a more Jack Russell-y sort of head. The body fur is very short and white while the head is tan. I've looked at the pictures on the Rat Terrier Club of America site and it looks like they're a little thinner in the body than the dog in the ad. I say all of this with the hope that someone might actually be able to verify the breed for me.

But it's not the breed that matters. This dog has been trained by a genius. Or this is the first natural-born actor dog in the history of the recorded image. To set the scene: the dog runs into the house through his little swinging doggy-door and comes to an abrupt halt. He looks around. He goes back out through his doggy-door. He "looks up at" the street number on the house. And he goes back inside where he looks at the interior with almost palpable confusion. Then the IKEA mention is brought in showing that the dog's confusion was due to all the new furniture in the house.

Now I like IKEA. But I love this ad. This dog deserves a Clio award.

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