Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Hackintosh is currently bricked. I ran the OS update and it's now kernel panic-ed. Buggeration. Well, I'm going to have to re-do the install I guess and then run an new version of the netbook installer and then do the upgrade. I really should have poked around the web before doing the software update.
Sigh. More time I'd prefer not to spend.
UPDATE: Reinstalling the OS. Then a shot at getting the upgrade installed correctly and then reinstalling the few apps that I use on the thing. Something to do while I run laundry loads up and down stairs.
Annndddd we are unbricked. Nice to know I can restore a masheen that's freaked itself out. Now to see if I have the chops to get the update done properly.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

File In: Things I Found On Teh Intarwebz
Reading this Movie|Line article on "The 9 Most Memorable Paycheck Roles In Modern Cinema," I saw this picture:

Which really made me want to do a 'thought bubble' for Marlon that would go something like "Hmmm, with the per pound price that'd be.... I'll take it."

But that would be so unkind.
Almost Sorta Kinda Live From Lycurgus's Neighborhood
This handsome fellow is a Painted Bunting in a growth of mangrove along a canal in central Florida. Pic was taken with a 10X zoom by a neighbor of Brother Lycurgus. If a bird chose to dress like that, I'd have no hesitation introducing him to Ricky Martin.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Livin' La Vida No Gal
Ladies, you might want to get over anything regarding Ricky Martin.
Maybe Not Certifiable, But Close
The following viddy was produced by the strange folks at The Ginger People from whom I've acquired many a gingery treat over the years. It's hokey but kind of sweet at the same time. Of course I'm so insane about ginger that I don't find this weirdness 'out there' at all. And as for the allegations that gingers have no souls, well, phooey!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Next Up On The Foodie Front
Having watched Alton Brown go medieval on the tiny little asses of lentils, I had to get some into my pantry. So I ordered some Bob's Red Mill red lentils from the 'Zon. (I just got some Bob's Red Mill brewer's yeast after reading the consumer reviews at the 'Zon and I have to agree - very good brewer's yeast.) When they arrive, I'm going this way: mirepoix into some olive oil, sweat it a bit, add quartered onion (for substantial pieces to eat), bay leaves, a smoked ham hock broken and cut to allow maximum flavor over the short cooking cycle of the lentils, the lentils and, added about halfway through the cooking, walnuts for the crunch. I was thinking of using chicken stock but with the ham hock, just water should do fine. Smoked finishing salt and pepper to taste with a green salad and rice.
Done and done. I'd also het up the lentils with hot sauce but that's just me.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

You Want to Know What's A Big Damn Mistake?
Apart from the whole Obama election of course? Starting a web search about sharpening Japanese knives, that's what. It leads to such places as the Japanese Food Report which makes me: First - hungry at 11:00pm, Second - desirous of accumulating a whole slew of ingredients that I don't have on hand (I am now in dire need of katsuobushi), Third - misty with nostalgia for a childhood of delicious Japanese treats and Finally - trepid that I don't have the capacity to cook those wonderful foods.
The great thing about it all is that it drives creativity. The leading picture of thinly sliced beef wrapped around scallions and grilled sets my mind on fire. What would make this exceptional? Hoisin brushed over the exterior? A red miso paste with a dash of mirin inside with the scallions? I love the spicy sprouts as well, which stand by themselves but would a flavored rice go with this? A plain white rice? Would a miso soup starter preclude the idea of using miso in the dish itself?

So, as manifold as the awful things such late night caprices contain are the wonderful they contain as well. I'm now planning to acquire a roast and thinly slice the raw beef in order to make this dish. I'm not sure it would be spectacular, but with a few iterations to test some ideas and refine them, this could be a dish that might be both excellent on the palate and possibly easy to assemble. Fingers crossed. When I get to it, I will blog it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Little Feat For A Troubled Time
Slightly less than a year old so not featuring the late, great Lowell George but his music. I'm gonna write a letter....

If the TARP and stimulus was a crap sandwich fed to Americans (and it was), Obamacare is a turdrito.
Also: There's a Wootoff going on today so keep your eyes peeled for something special happening all day long.
UPDATE: Is this Shun Pro 300mm Yanagiba sweet or what? (click the pic on the page to see it embiggened) I can hardly wait.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lack of Blogging Will Continue
PoW appreciates your patience as we work through these times of crisis and universal brouhaha. I am blessed with a home visit from the Wilmington Boyz who have done more for me in a day than I could have done in three and tomorrow will likely accomplish a couple more things that would tax my old joints. My place will look considerably different after they've gone. I need to find a good sleeper sofa in fact. And they've promised to come back and help me with the deck farm when the plants come in. Deal!
This is not to mention the other projects I'm working on which will chew up big hunks of rough time until I get my taxes in. Bleagh. However I will point out a site I'll be adding to the blogroll shortly: The Market Ticker. It's an econ blog and it gets into technical matters but not so dense as to be impenetrable and Denninger's pessimism about the economy is well-founded I believe. Check it out, there's something to be learned there. I wanted to extract something from his latest post but to do it justice, I'd have to quote the whole thing and that's not fair. Go there and read much. I hope you take much away from your reading.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I made the Monday pun over at the Grouchy Old Cripple's place.
I pun. It's what I do.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Obligatory Oooog Post
Not feeling well today. I believe I ate something that has started to claw its way out of me like an alien facehugger but much further along the alimentary canal. The saving grace is the eternal wisdom that "this, too, shall pass." But it gets really ugly about it while doing so. Oh bother. I keep thinking that if I eat the right thing, this will ease up a bit but I have no idea what the right thing is. So I may just have to move slowly through my day at home, watching some basketball, doing some laundry, cleaning the kitchen. If I had a hot tub, i would definitely be in it right now. But I don't. So I'm not.
Otherlywise, I hope you are have a good early spring Sunday. Last night was the first night of having a window open all night long and I think I heard the peepers a couple of days ago when I drove past some open space near my previous abode. So I have to say that spring is well and truly here. And massive congratulations to Northern Iowa for their incredible win over Kansas in the NCAA Tournament. Good show!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Non-Review of "Hooked"
A while back I mentioned that I thought I might go to a local seafood restaurant called "Hooked" and a friend recently asked me whether I'd been. I still haven't. I decided instead to have lunch at another local place I hadn't tried before called "Mimi's Cafe." I did satisfy my desire for meatloaf but I was decidedly underwhelmed with the place. The decor is New Orleans/Mardi Gras inspired and it comes across as a little ... 'forced' I guess would be the word. Famous Dave's barbecue places have a similarly constructed ambiance but there it doesn't across as forced (and they serve mac-n-cheese with jalapeno in it, oh yeah!)
It was lunch on a rainy Saturday and when we showed up it was remarkably full which I really don't understand as the food was not exceptional and the prices are not so great as to pull crowds in this economy. But it does offer a lot of what's characterized as 'comfort food,' though it pales in comparison to the all-time champ for that (the Black-Eyed Pea restaurant). I opted for the veg with my meatloaf and what I got was some carrot coins and broccoli florets that were undercooked (just a little) and kind of flabby. Outback just schools them when it comes to the veg side. The meatloaf was OK albeit generic. The executive chef for this place must not have much imagination. It doesn't take a lot to stamp a signature on something as flexible as the loaf de meat.
Bottom line: Meh. It's OK. Not special. A decent family place but not as inexpensive as I'd expect a family place to be. You could do worse. But it wouldn't be hard to do better either.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Have You Seen Stevie Wonder's New Music Video?
Following a link from Tim Blair to a Tweet from Jim Treacher regarding the execrable rectal cancer advocate Sean Penn, I was lead to this "Names and Faces" piece in the Washington Post. The point of which is not the Sean Penn inanity. Allow me to snip the last graf (as we say in the newz biz) and highlight the relevant bit:
Spotted: Former "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul and Rep. Aaron Schock at a National Young Leaders Conference event on the Hill on Thursday (the Illinois Republican was an NYLC participant back in high school). . . . Stevie Wonder at Blues Alley on Thursday night. He stopped in to see saxophonist Najee and jumped onstage for two songs. . . .
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (both in suits) having a two-hour dinner at Rasika on Thursday night
I doubt it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fast Food Fast Review
As I was running errands about lunchtime yesterday, I thought I might try the new shrimp taco at Taco Bell. The review boils down to one word: execrable. Not just not good, actively bad. Shrimp of no flavor surrounded by some awful creamy sauce on a rubbery soft taco "shell." (shudder) Never again.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Placeholder post here. My little sausage fingers are busily busy in other works and days so PoW must languish a bit. This morning was already taken up with dealing with a desktop that didn't power up. Yikes! I Need this machine to do things. But a little poking and prodding (and actually swtiching power outlets once) has Corvinus (yes, I always name my machines, don't you?) up and running. So you won't see me for a couple of days but life does indeed go on. Hope y'all are well.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I am old and tired..but this man is a true testosterone manipulator and American icon..just give a listen and watch this performance.
If you do not like..please post why..I will ready for a fierce rebuttal.. I said re-butt-al..hehehehe

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Light Posting
There won't be much on PoW for the next several days as I'm immersing myself in the arcana of IRS regs and the arrival of the ACC tournament. But a couple of things of note in this springing time - I turned off the heat in the house today. I probably could have done it a couple of days ago but didn't think of it. Today is just so pleasant outside that my hand to the thermostat was forc├ęd. For my internal seasonal calendar, there are a few special days: turning off the heat, opening the window overnight and peepers day. One down, two to go.
Also, should anyone be ordering anything from the Hanes website, I have a $1.99 shipping code for the next 30 days which I won't be using: #103060. Might save you a couple of bucks if you're planning to buy.
UPDATE: Unbelievable! You won't believe where this URL takes you:

Monday, March 08, 2010

Do You Believe In Jazz?
I do. So in lieu of actual blogging I give you the superb Manhattan Transfer in a slightly shaky video of "Soul Food To Go (Sina)" recorded live in Madrid just last year. The song is lacking the Brazilian musicians used on the original recording (on the "Brasil" disc not surprisingly) but it's still, well, wonderful. Enjoy.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

A Toe In Politics
I figure that since the president seems to think the way to get things done is to appoint a "blue ribbon commission" to ___________ (fill in the blank with anything that Congress or the Executive branch should be doing), I'm going to appoint a Blue Ribbon Commission to go out and get me a couple of six packs of Pabst beer. I'm all about the 'yes, we can', though I'm perfectly willing to accept 'yes, we bottle.' I'm flexible.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Is This How It Works?
President Bush cobbled together the education "reform" (which I think is defined in Washington as "Is there enough money to cover up the problems so we can't see them any more?") known as "No Child Left Behind."
And now Mrs. Obama is getting her designer panties in a wad over "childhood obesity." So nanny state government now wants "No Child's Behind Left."

It may as well be a dose of Megamucil, it's all gonna come out looking and smelling exactly the same.
I Like It!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

This Month's Blog Donation
Michael Yon. Support citizen journalism. Especially when it's done with courage and steel. Not to mention better reporting than in any mainstream media outlet.
In other news: I am so wanting a slice of meatloaf for lunch today. Don't know why it's meatloaf but I can actually taste it as I sit here and type this. I may hold that off for dinner.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Despite My Earlier Post...
I found out my new Toyota was equipped with built-in GPS. Unfortunately GPS stands for "Goes Past Stoplights."
More On The Whole Rectilinear Fish Thing
Sort of a side note, really. I was driving thru the drive thru (it works like that) at my local Burger King (I like their overly sweet iced "Mocha Joe," sue me) and saw that there is a new fishy offering in their "Big fish" sandwich option - Cilantro Lime sauced fish. I may have to try it as I am nuts for cilantro but I don't trust the King to make a cilantro sauce that's not cilantro inclined tartar sauce. To expect more is to court, marry and set up a household with disappointment.
But in the spirit of hopey changey, I'll try it if I'm at a loss for a meal one of these days.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Today's Moment Of WTF
Two posts about rectilinear fish products? What is on my mind?
For that matter, I'm getting together with a good friend of mine for dinner near the ides of the month and as it stands, the only place I'm really interested in going, mostly because I haven't been yet, is a restaurant called "Hooked" which (wait for it ...) specializes in fish. Personally, I want to see what their sushi is like.

And a brief note on mass storage. I continue to be amazed at how insanely affordable giant, mountain-sized hard drives have become. Today's wubbawubbawubba (shake your head like a bulldog when you say that) moment is a Fantom Green 2 TB USB 2.0 drive for $194 at Holy cow. You could store your whole life on that thing. Unless you were Obama in which case it would only hold an itty bitty part of your ego.
UPDATE: It was a good deal. Dealhack reports that it's sold out.