Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lack of Blogging Will Continue
PoW appreciates your patience as we work through these times of crisis and universal brouhaha. I am blessed with a home visit from the Wilmington Boyz who have done more for me in a day than I could have done in three and tomorrow will likely accomplish a couple more things that would tax my old joints. My place will look considerably different after they've gone. I need to find a good sleeper sofa in fact. And they've promised to come back and help me with the deck farm when the plants come in. Deal!
This is not to mention the other projects I'm working on which will chew up big hunks of rough time until I get my taxes in. Bleagh. However I will point out a site I'll be adding to the blogroll shortly: The Market Ticker. It's an econ blog and it gets into technical matters but not so dense as to be impenetrable and Denninger's pessimism about the economy is well-founded I believe. Check it out, there's something to be learned there. I wanted to extract something from his latest post but to do it justice, I'd have to quote the whole thing and that's not fair. Go there and read much. I hope you take much away from your reading.

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