Saturday, March 27, 2010

Next Up On The Foodie Front
Having watched Alton Brown go medieval on the tiny little asses of lentils, I had to get some into my pantry. So I ordered some Bob's Red Mill red lentils from the 'Zon. (I just got some Bob's Red Mill brewer's yeast after reading the consumer reviews at the 'Zon and I have to agree - very good brewer's yeast.) When they arrive, I'm going this way: mirepoix into some olive oil, sweat it a bit, add quartered onion (for substantial pieces to eat), bay leaves, a smoked ham hock broken and cut to allow maximum flavor over the short cooking cycle of the lentils, the lentils and, added about halfway through the cooking, walnuts for the crunch. I was thinking of using chicken stock but with the ham hock, just water should do fine. Smoked finishing salt and pepper to taste with a green salad and rice.
Done and done. I'd also het up the lentils with hot sauce but that's just me.

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