Tuesday, March 02, 2010

More On The Whole Rectilinear Fish Thing
Sort of a side note, really. I was driving thru the drive thru (it works like that) at my local Burger King (I like their overly sweet iced "Mocha Joe," sue me) and saw that there is a new fishy offering in their "Big fish" sandwich option - Cilantro Lime sauced fish. I may have to try it as I am nuts for cilantro but I don't trust the King to make a cilantro sauce that's not cilantro inclined tartar sauce. To expect more is to court, marry and set up a household with disappointment.
But in the spirit of hopey changey, I'll try it if I'm at a loss for a meal one of these days.


Wil said...

Don't. A reliable source informs me it's "just plain nasty." Not a review likely to cause me to recommend the sandwich to somebody I like. Heck, even feeding it to one of your dogs could result in it looking like this sad pooch:


BlogDog said...

Always on the lookout for a word of knowing. Thanks. I'll give that one a miss.
And that pug is KEY-yute!