Monday, April 17, 2006

New On The Rental Block(buster)
Since there is crap all on TV on Monday nights (until 10 pm - CSI:My-yummy Calliegh Duquesne ... unnhh I mean the Miami CSI show), I hit up my local vid rental place with my $3 per rental card. "Narnia," "Walk The Line" and the latest Harry Potter. Yeah. I'm so far behind the times that the movies have beards on 'em but I watch these things on my own time.
Also, still haven't gotten Roy Orbison's "Black & White Night" CD from Amazon. Surprising that they haven't had it in stock or whatever. At least they sent me the Fagen discs. My thoughts for April involve Jake's new disc but so far his web site hasn't given up any info about a release date. And for that matter, his MySpace site seems to have been deleted. I'm starting to worry 'bout the lad. I may get myself a sort of "best of" disc of Brewer and Shipley. There are at least three songs I'd really like to have. The rest is a wonderful artifiact of my yute.

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