Monday, February 27, 2006

Mental Cavitation
You're familiar with cavitation aren't you? Any submarine movie worth its saltwater will have some reference to it. In brief, if you set something in a fluid
spinning sufficiently fast, the fluid can't keep up. Empty or vaporous voids are then formed which collapse with a sharp noise. Not a good thing when a metal tube full of ... no, I won't use that joke ... sailors is "running silent."
Well, my brain has been suffering from a sort of cavitation for the last few weeks. I've had so much on my mind that when it came to such things as blog posting, they became vaporous voids that imploded before escaping the wake I was plowing through the sea of cerebro-spinal fluid. Ouch. Plus, my bad joints have been giving more grief in the last few days than in any comparable period I can recall. Perhaps a 15-hour drive takes more out of me than it used to. In any event, I haven't kept up the flow of posting and I aim to change that in the upcoming week. I will be reporting on the trip, making up for music posts I've neglected (I've had a post in draft on Jake's house concert in January for at least a month now). I extend my thanks for those who keep stopping by to visit and my apologies for having made it less worth your time of late. There should be more substance, more gristly goodness, for you later today and in the days to follow.

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