Monday, March 06, 2006

A Dash Of Morning Bile
In my morning surfing I got a pop-under window advertising Netflix. I was seriously considering getting Netflix as the Blockbuster thing is becoming increasingly lame. But screw Netflix if they buy advertising with sites that do pop-unders. At least opo-ups are more honest.
Secondly, I'm glad that "Buttcrack Mountin'" (Jeebus! how many differernt ways can that title be altered?) didn't win the Oskie and that "Crash" - well reviewed on this very blog - did. Ha. I didn't bother to watch the Oskies since I just got my DVDs of "Firefly." I didn't "get" Firefly when it first broadcast because the first episode aired was not the pilot. Fox, for some reason, thought "The Train Job" ep should lead off. Survey says ... BZZZZT! Wrong answer. There was plenty of chewy Joss Whedon goodness in that episode and much slam-bang action. But introducing it without the back story was moronic. Now I understand why the crew of Serenity acted as they did and it's a good show. I thought it was terrible when I first watched it.
A couple of things bear mention in regards "Firefly." First Morena Baccarin who plays the courtesan Inara is a very pretty woman (would have to be for the character, eh?) but more than that, she has just a most wonderful voice to listen to: sweet and soothing, very feminine. And Jewel Staite who plays Kaylee the ship's engineer is just adorable. When she smiles, which she does a lot, she just lights up. And when she feels hurt, it's like you've seen your favorite puppy yelled at. I just looked at her photos on the IMDB and I am struck at how much more attractive she is when she's not overly made up.
After such extravagant praise for the chiquitas of Serenity, I must say that you should at least rent the DVDs of the series and watch them as the makers meant them to be watched, not as they were broadcast. Also, the theme song ("Ballad of Serenity") is much better than I realized when you understand the back story. "Burn the land and boil the sea/You can't take the sky from me..." Lyrics here and listen to the mp3 here.

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