Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Billy Beck is back, thank goodness. I hate to see a domain get into the hands of someone who doesn't deserve it. Especially when the domain is being used so well. Though I posted about his brief (as it turned out) submergence beneath the moist swells of the interweb, what I was carrying in my mind was how much I appreciate his continued dedication to illuminating the endarkenment. What specifically made me think of him, several days ago, was listening to Laura Ingraham's radio show which had a segment on Congressman Rangel's (D-Pinhead) call for a military draft.
We know that it's not going to happen as the military itself has come to the realization that a volunteer force makes a better army than a mass of conscripts. But someone, and here's where the ol' debil memory fails, took off on Rangel's idiocy to advocate universal "national service." And Ms. Ingraham (usually a smart cookie, though not nearly as smart as she considers herself) said something to the effect that she thought it would be a good idea! Service me selectively! "National service" is "involuntary servitude" with a FEMA team of cosmeticians and plastic surgeons to make it look pretty.
I'd really hoped this country had moved beyond any advocacy of slavery. And barring that, that someone as nominally conservative as Laura Ingraham would not be advocating such a stupid idea. Thus the endarkenment marches forward. We beat on, boats against the current. Let's just not suck civilization actually back into the past.

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