Wednesday, November 29, 2006

How Exciting!
I got a call from my favorite guitar merchant. I have been expecting, as I've mentioned before, my next PRS by Q1'07. But something has come from the Wizard of Kent Island. It's a tad bit more than the axe (oh gor blimey! I'm not allowed to use that word until I actually play! sorry) I was expecting but I'll go for it anyway. I was expecting a Singlecut Trem Artist's Package in Emerald Green flame maple. The one that's in store is slightly different: it's a quilted maple top. My friend the guitar nazi tells me that quilted maple is not as good a tone wood as flame maple but quilted maple is so incredibly, unbelievably gorgeous, it defies belief. Here is one of the Private Stock models with a quilted top for your delectation. I link to a Private Stock model as I don't expect that link to rot. Keep in mind that what I expect to be mine will be a grassier green and shaped like a Les Paul. If that doesn't mean anything to you, you really should have skipped this post.
More details later including a picture. I'm preparing for my happy dance.

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