Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fun With Stocks
I was just reviewing some info and saw that I bought shares of Halliburton three years ago this month. I paid $34.88 per share. Today the price of a share is (right now) $39.61. Three years and a $5 increase in share price? Not too great a buy. Ha. Not so. The stock has split since I bought it. I have more than doubled my money on it. And my oil services play, bought at the same time, is trading at over triple the price at which I first bought it. I wish I'd had the confidence to buy more.
I am sorry that I bought Microsoft though. I thought the introduction of the Vista OS would pay big. Lesson for the future: never underestimate the capability of Microsoft to suck. But the intro of Halo 3 seems to be working for them these last few weeks. Give me two more points and I'll sell it off.

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