Monday, October 29, 2007

Odds 'n' Ends
First, congratulations go out to the Beantown Boyz. It looked dicey (or should I say "Dice K" hahahahah!) there when the Harp Seal Pups notched some runs but as is the pattern in this series, it was too late and just short. I considered going back and editing my previous posts to reflect my fake prescience (change "could be over in four" to "will be over in four") but really, why bother.
I was falling over laughing at the Washington Redskins episode of fresh hell at the hands of the New England Patriots this weekend (weakened?). I admire Joe Gibbs but I hate Li'l Danny Snyder and his team of economic benefit. I heard a sportscaster refer to a "classless" fourth quarter touchdown and, I suppose, if you're a homer, it would look that way. But I don't think the Pats meant anything against the 'Skins by scoring needlessly. I think the Pats are setting out to go undefeated and set offensive records that will never be broken. Well, as much as records can "never" be broken. Brady will finish the year with a new record for touchdown passes, the team will have all sorts of new records for points scored and I would put good money that they will go undefeated barring significant injury. I guess next week will tell the tale.
And, last and least, apple cider. Friends recently brought me a gallon of freshly pressed cider. I mean freshly. As in done minutes before they came to my door. And it was a small fragment of pure delight. Heaven in a glass. So I bought some commercial cider at my local Safeway the other day. Oh momma - not even close. Not bad, mind you but not in the same league. The commercial cider was to the pressed cider as the Washington Redskins are to the New England Patriots. (See how it all ties together?)

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