Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let's Remember, Shall We?
Ah, those days of yester, the yoredays of our yute. I remember watching the televsioning machine with it's grainy black and white picture. I remember the Herb Alpert music that was used as the "Teaberry Shuffle" in ads to promote Clark's Teaberry gum.
I just ordered some of the Teaberry gum from Amazon.

I delight in the very idea that all the things that filled the nooks and interstices of our past have not gone away. Videos of ads on uToob, the gum itself. I suppose I could get some of those wax "cola bottles" things, the red wax lips that tasted like ... well, nothing natural to be sure. And what aging child can't forget the dusty snort of flavored sugar drained from a "pixie stick" directly down the throat? I imagine I could get those too. If they weren't just revolting to the taste.
There might be a catalog of disgusting sweeties from the past. And things that are so far beyond the pale that today's children would run crying to their school counselors if they were confronted with them. Candy cigarettes. Gum cigars. Now it's all red vines and dentally hygienic gums. Pfeh!


Gradual Dazzle said...

I used to think those candy ciggies were the shiznit when I was really little (like four)... and I have always loved PixieStix. Alas, I can't enjoy any of them anymore -- if they haven't gone away thanks to political correctness, they're probably now made with corn syrup, which I am allergic to.

BlogDog said...

I think PixieStix are made with real sugar and citric acid and "flavors." But that doesn't preclude some HFCS sneakin' in I s'pose.

XMBD said...

I've bought Decade Boxes from here as "milestone" birthday gifts, but you can also just buy your favorites: