Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Low Level Sick
I'm dealing with one of those low-level illnesses that manifests itself in a number of ways that make my life not a living hell but kind of a living heck. Something is troubling my GI tract and I have absolutely no idea what it is but it severely interfered with my enjoyment of the NCAA championship game last night. I'm lucky enough to not have had anyone around because my moaning and groaning would have been just super annoying. It annoyed me and I was the one doing it.
It really doesn't help that the temp locally has gotten way too hot, way too fast. It's getting up to the 90s today and I'm going to turn on the AC. Last night my bedroom was around 80 degrees when I tried to sleep and it dropped all of three degrees overnight. Even with a ceiling fan, this doesn't work for me. Ah well. Kvetching about feeling rotten is a lousy past time and here I am subjecting my vast readership to it. My apologies.
On the traditional other hand, I got to see Duke take its fourth national title against a helluva Butler team. I was hoping to see the Blue Devils take about a 12 point lead and just nurse it all the way to the end but Butler would not let that happen. I think there's a picture of the Butler team pasted into dictionaries all over America where the definition of "scrappy" is. If it had been anyone other than Duke, I would have been pulling for Butler. But it wasn't. So I didn't.
I'm more than a little surprised. I though Duke was good enough to be a Final Four team and that's the level I pegged my expectations. But for a change, this team got steadily better through the season to the point they moved the trophy down I-15 to Durham. Where it belongs. Heh.
Now that's all you're going to hear about that from me. I promised myself I'd swear off hoops blogging this year and I think I held pretty well to that. But a championship must be acknowledged.

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