Sunday, April 18, 2010

Your Sunday Opera Moment
For your listening and I rush to say, viewing pleasure, the absolutely stunning mezzo-soprano Elina Garanca singing "Una Voce Poco Fa" from Rossini's "Barber of Seville." Her singing stands on its own (for those who watch the viddy) but I want to point out the facial expressiveness. This woman acts while she sings which is not always the case with great singers. I may have to dial down my enduring crush on Renee Fleming in favor of Ms. Garanca. And, if Latvian women looks like this, I know where I'm going for my next vacation!


Gradual Dazzle said...

You're right... she's not just singing, she's ACTING. Even when she's just performing the number from the opera, not the whole opera... very nicely done. I enjoyed that immensely.

BlogDog said...

I'm so glad. She wasn't really on my radar until I was e-mailing with a friend about my fealty to Ms. Fleming and he pointed me toward a few other modern beauties of the opera world. There are several fabulously beautiful women singing opera today. Maybe I should do a post on that.... Nah. I'm still learning.

Wil said...

Get me a ticket, too, while you're at it. She's dynamite.