Wednesday, May 05, 2010

May The Fifth
Screw your "sinko de myoh" pal. This is Boy's Day! Though called "Children's Day" now (pfaw! ptui!), the day is in celebration of the male offspring who will carry the family name and bring glory to the clan. You will fly your koinobori (carp pennant), one each for the parents (honor the parents) and one for each son and sized according to the age of the boys. Carp because the carp is a fish that swims upstream and grows large
and strong. A model for young men.
You will display your kabuto (model samurai helmet) and Kintarō doll. All right, action figure. Traditional Japanese action figure. If that makes you feel better.
Somewhere I have a koinobori that dates back at least several decades and I have a kabuto packed away in my closet. I didn't plan for this day but I think next year I will have both out for the day. I'll post pics.
Go thou and swim upstream!

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