Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sigh Heaved
Tired today. Luckily, nothing is pressing me today. I was going to have my dear, dear friends Teh Wilmington Boyz in for a visit but there is health trouble and that visit will have to wait. Say a prayer for Ed, if you will. Our time here is brief, no need to speed the plow.
Yesterday was a bit of running around in the rain, a visit to Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center (if you're ever in the market for a guitar, see Bill Brooks at Chuck's, he's done right by me but then I go with a guy who's probably bought a nice car's worth of axes). Lunch at my local Don Pablo's (Messican type food that can be best described as "acceptable"). An at-home
wherein the new guitars were restrung and set up with sweet, slinky low actions by the Guitar Nazi and his best bud who's visiting from Colorado. Then a bite of dinner at a hole-in-the-wall Thai place and finally home where I tried to do some work on the computer and was practically cross-eyed with that kind of tiredness that leaves you bouncing between sleep and wakefulness.
I think today calls for a nap. And coffee. I'll probably use my last package of mix to make jalapeno cornbread muffins and, if I gin up the gumption, some grocery shopping. I need a good supply of Cherry Coke Zero.

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