Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Finally Saw "Avatar"
Yeah, I was the last one. Friends Netflixed it and invited me over. There's almost nothing I can say to add to the general cacophony (hmm, almost like the movie: caca and phony) of reviews and the like but I still have to make a couple of observations. First, yes. Absolutely. A technical feat of movie making that is beyond a visual feast. Second, if it returns to IMAX 3D, I will go out to see it. In fact, I'd bet IMAX 3D would be the ideal way to see that. And the bad. Worst Sigourney Weaver performance ever. Just gawd-awful from an actress I usually like. And finally, someone needs to be assigned to keep James Cameron from writing another story. I thought Lucas was bad in the last "Star Wars" flick (and he was) but the "Avatar" paint-by-numbers story was as predictable as the next stop light on a city street. My only surprise was that the other guy who was running an avatar was allowed to survive. But then, he was there to provide exposition, not actually be a character.
Oh and the Na'vi are Cameron's giant war kittens: Big eyes makes us go "Awww!" and root for them when they start to kill humans.

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