Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ziggy Feels Tha Luuuv
Guitar Player magazine makes the PRS 305 an Editors' Pick (that would make it a guitar pick, right?) (shut up -Ed.) The article refers to the physical beauty of the burst stained model they picture while Ziggy is a painted solid alder body but here's a little on the important thing with the git-box, the tone:
Sonically, the 305 delivers much of what you expect from a guitar with a trio of single-coils: crisp highs, tight bottom, and those slightly phaseoidal textures in the neck/middle and middle/bridge combinations. The tones here are served up with an extra measure of warmth, however, which makes playing the 305 a lot of fun, as you get the airiness and ring that single-coils bring, but with plenty of meatiness behind the notes.
Phaseoidal textures? Ummm. OK. Meaty. I like meaty. Can I dry age my guitar? And tight bottoms? Everyone likes a tight bottom. Obviously, I'm too noob to understand all the axe-y terminology (though I do know what a divebomb is) so I'll just leave you with this final note from the reviewer:
KUDOS Excellent build quality. Gorgeous playability. Great blend of warmth and ringing, single-coil clarity.


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Wil said...

I'm not even sure I understand enough to ask questions. It's a gorgeous guitar and I look forward to hearing you play sometime.