Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back In The Saddle
For the last two days I've been internet-compromised. My Verizon FiOS service was done in by the big Sunday storm in the NoVa. I'm not complaining I must say as my power never went out and power in the hot weather is the thang iffn yew know whut ah mean. But I was two days without television service (apart from one tv on the broadcast service ), phone service and the inarwebz. But my iPhone actually stood in the breach and did a fully adequate job. I'd hate to have to live off that level of 'net accessibility but for a brief time, it was OK.
My main regret is that I picked up the phone when the storm came pounding to give Lycurgus a call from the heart of big weather (we both dig big weather) and I was confronted with that eerie lack of dial tone where one's phone turns into a tin can that echoes into the ear what the microphone picks up. (cue ominous music ... kill ominous music)
That being as it may, the Verizon tech came today and in about 20 minutes had me up and firing on all cylinders. I'm glad to be back. Now, if I can get the Subaru dealership to get my radio functioning properly and all the info in the new stereo set properly (day, date, time, that sort of thing), I'll be a happy camper. And I'm getting macadamia nuts from The 'Zon tomorrow. What if I made maple ice cream with macadamia nuts?


Phillymon said...

Darn... it's always fun in big weather. Hope yer Interwebs are (slap router on forehead) Healed! soon.

Or how about macadamia ice cream with maple nuts?

Phillymon said...