Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Noted In Passing
One of the truly great things available in your local grocery store or supermarket, breakfast meat category, is Jimmy Dean Sage sausage, patty style. I have yet to find the best way to slice them to a thinness I prefer (probably freezing the tube for half an hour and doing all the slicing would work) but the flavor is just exactly, precisely the way I want my breffix sausage to taste. I think McDonald's sausage is based on this as it's almost exactly the same flavor. And McDonald's sausage absolutely kills.


Wil said...

But with the death of the eponymous founder and chief spokesman, how much longer will the product remain as it is? Cereals and cheaper spices, chemical flavorants and water ice instead of dry ice during grinding, all in an attempt to maximize return on the oink. How long before JDS-P as we know it is dead?

BlogDog said...

Wil, I sincerely hope what you posit will not ensue. But success has been messed with many, many times in the past so I'll keep my fingers (chubby, sausage grease covered fingers) crossed.

Phillymon said...

Well, it's going to be different, because the sausage is no longer made with any real Jimmy Dean.