Monday, October 25, 2010

How Nice It Is To See Old Friends
Last night I had dinner with friends of some 30-years duration with whom I haven't shared space actual for probably three years. And it was great. I had my "Tao of the Bao" Chinese dumpling making dinner in which everyone builds the dumplings and eats to the point of stuffed-ness. Then leftovers go home with the guests since the amount of dumpling filling is eNORmous. I even have some of the leftovers myself but I hope to pass them along this afternoon to some more local friends.
I make some tasty, tasty dumplings I tell you whut.
UPDATE: Yes, I definitely should have taken pics of the dumplings progress. Net time I do this maybe I'll make a record of the progress and post it here. I may have to dragoon someone photogenic into a video record of the dumpling process. I only have movie star looks if you consider that "The Blob" was the star of the movie and not Steve McQueen.


Phillymon said...

Pictures? Food blogging with pictures is tasty...

Phillymon said...

You only need to look relatively better to be a movie star. Invite Jabba the Hut to your next dumplingpalooza. You'll look great, and *no leftovers*!