Saturday, October 02, 2010

Magpies Crush Saints In Grand Final Tie-Breaking Followup
Collingwood wins! Collingwood wins! Collingwood wins!
This is even better than the brutal smackdown Collingwood laid on Geelong to get to the Grand Final. I think I need to gt a T shirt or sumfink.
UPDATE: Got dammit! The station I rely on to broadcast footy obviously thinks last week's broadcast of the Grnd Final match that resulted in a tie was the end of the footy season. No game last night! I will not get to see the pummeling of St. Kilda I so richly deserve to see. Oh bother.

1 comment:

Phillymon said...

Magpies crushing saints! It's an epic battle of Transfomers!

You forgot the rest of "Oh, bother."

... said Pooh as he reloaded.