Friday, June 25, 2004

Just damn!
To steal a line from the estimable Dax Montana. It seems that Jack Ryan, running for a senate seat is tangled up in a bit of divorce imbroglio with his wife the delicious Jeri "Seven of Nine" Ryan of Star Trek: Voyager fame. I won't even Google up a link because if you don't know what she looks like, that rock you've been hiding under is probably preventing you from accessing PoW anyway.
But here's the deal: She says he has hauled her everso bite-able ass to sex clubs all over the world where he wanted to have sex with her in front of other people. This leads me to two inescapable conclusions. First, I am never in the right place at the right time. And second, no duh! If I were married to a woman who looked that good, I'd want other people to know that I was the one who was doing her too!

And I say that with the utmost respect of course. Jeri, once the papers are filed, (makes the thumb and little finger "call me" gesture), OK?

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