Friday, May 20, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me
It seems as good a day as any to return to my bloggish ways. The sky is crying with that peculiar gelid rain that hangs on window screens, too cold to flow, not cold enough to freeze. The wind hustles along, thumping against the house occasionally like hands clapped to the ears. Yet it is not as bad as I make it out. This is a rain in late May which makes wearing a sweatshirt not only possible but comfortable. I like it cool. And the new roof is holding proof against the rain and wind. The shingles on the old roof would flap and wallop against the roof in a high wind making sleep nigh unto impossible.
And what goodies are under the birthday tree? A new iPod Shuffle (yay!), a Griffin RadioSHARK (yay!), Neal Stephenson's latest (see the "literature"section on the right) (yay!) and Tom Friedman's "The World Is Flat" (interesting - I'm not sure it's yay! material but I'm intrigued in reading it - Thanks to the XMBD). Mongolian Barbeque for dinner - an all-time fave I must say.
And tomorrow I wake to get on with my life. That's the part I'm not looking forward to.
UPDATE: The iPod Shuffle is fantastic. It holds 175 songs (I always rip at maximum quality), loads quickly, and I like the shuffle play. It automatically fills from my entire iTunes library (3009 songs as it stands) and I can count on getting something I like because my library is composed of music I like (That'd be a "duh!" moment. -Ed.) and the size is ... almost unbelieveable. If it weren't hanging around my neck (on the included lanyard), I'd think it wasn't on my person at all. My thanks to Lycurgus (never again to be called Festus) for the gift.

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