Monday, May 23, 2005

It's The Little Things Sometimes
Last Monday and Tuesday I spent a fair amount of each day at the cardiologist's office taking a dual-isotope test. I'm not going into details but it involved faux exercise, radioactive dyes injected into me and a big-ass imaging machine showing how my heart was working. The upshot is the tests showed that my heart was "normal." So my chest pain and sucking for air at the start of the month was due to something else. At least that's mostly gone.
The little thing is that I was injected each day and had a cloth bandage put in the crook of my arm. There must be latex in them because I still have a nasty, band-aid-sized red rash on each arm a week later. I use hydrocortisone cream on them so I'm not scratching at them and I think they are starting to clear up but Oy! What a lingering pain.
Unlike the short, shart jab in the wallet when I wrote them a check for the tests.

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