Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Shark Jumping
It's a strange thing to see a television franchise jump the shark on more than one of its shows in the space of a few months. But damned if the CSI people haven't managed it. Exhibit 1: using Cletus Federline as the "guest star" on an episode of the original "who dies in Vegas, gets investigated in Vegas" show. Now the New York show uses the painfully annoying Nelly Furtado as a "guest star." You're not only not like a bird, your not like an actress either. Hmm. One tard per show. At least that works out.
I've enjoyed the CSI shows but I think they've plucked my last nerve. G'bye. Well, except for Emily Procter on CSI: My how yummy. I don't think I can bust that habit yet.

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