Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Kelloggs has a new product - Special K Cereal with Chocloatey Pieces. First, it must be noted that the word used is "chocolatey." Nice. That means it is not necessarily chocolate. Just of a chocolate nature. Inclined toward chocolate on the great chain of being. That's a pretty common evasion in products. Like "Froot Loops" don't have to have any fruit in them because they're called "Froot" loops. If they were called "Fruit Loops," there would have to be fruit.
But that's not actually the genesis of this post. I saw the television ad for the new Kelloggs cereal. The idea of the ad is that all these chocolate candies start moving into the cereal box. But they make one huge mistake. The first chockies they have getting animated are a couple of pieces left on a pillow as if in a nice hotel. The problem is that when the roaming chocolates shed their wrappers and start moving over the pillows, they could not look more like cockroaches. Ick. I like chocolate but I'll not be trying the roach cereal.

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