Tuesday, March 20, 2007

All Right!
Jake's new CD is out. So out that it might as well be mincing around San Francisco bath houses. Sorry - bad analogy. When I say it's out, I mean he's sent me one and it's playing in iTunes even as I type this. Worth the wait? You bet. Take that with the grano salis that I'm an abject fan of the man's work. I want to say that weak Jake Armerding disc is the better of any number of other artists' work. But he's only put out three and there's not a weak effort in the bunch. The new disc is called "Walking on the World" and I'll save the song listing for later but it does contain the title track, "Flirting," "Keep The River On Your Right" and "Falling In" all of which I've heard him play live. Good stuff. I love the electric guitar on "Assassination Blues."
Actually, I knew his CD was out because his gigs page has listed "CD Release Shows" starting last Thursday. (What a treat to get a copy in the mail!) And he's coming to a local venue on April 3 so you know where I'll be that night. Strangely, I don't see links on his site to buy the disc nor is it in iTunes yet. His other two discs are and I strongly suggest anyone not familiar with Jake to drop and buy a few tracks. I do believe I'm going to have to pick up a few copies of "Walking..." at the show so I can give them as gifts to the initiated and the un.
I've been waiting for this release for a while and I'm not disappointed in the least. Perhaps the only thing I'd fault Jake on is that he's not more prolific. But with my luck, if he were, the quality of the product wouldn't be as high as it is. As it stands, my "Jake Armerding" iTunes platylist now contains 35 songs and runs for 2 and a half hours. That's a lot of Jake. But I could hear more.

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