Monday, March 19, 2007

Hypnopompic Thoughts
A day or so ago, the Amber Room came unbidden to my mind as I lay waking. I have no special knowledge of the whereabouts of this missing treasure and I don't recall having seen, read or heard anything about it any time recently. So I don't what obscure process of mind brought it floating up into my consciousness. There are several theories as to what happened to the panels that make up this magnificent treasure (point of explanation: I love amber. It is a "gem" that is warm, honey hued and even absent the preserved insects that drove the plot of "Jurassic Park" imbued with a kind of life that mineral gemstones get from their faceted refraction.) I won't go into the theories here as the Wikipedia page at the link above has considerably more detail than is worth my repeating.
But what formed in my mind is the notion that someone, one of the Nazis who took the room apart and packed it out, saved as many of the panels as possible by covering them up. The idea I had was that they were painted over but painting over probably wouldn't have been sufficient, the elaborate carvings would be too identifiable. But perhaps if the panels were plastered over, they could have been stored as slabs of plaster in some relatively unsecured location whence they could be removed at a later, safer date.
I'm afraid that this is hopeful speculation on my part as the destruction of the amber in the destruction of Konigsberg castle is vastly more likely. But I hop that some day the Amber Room will be found and reconstructed. It would be another sad loss in a long war were it to have been destroyed.

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