Friday, March 23, 2007

Going Cracker Mouse
I'm a serious Mac fan and I loves me some o' them gadgets but lately I've had a problem that was so serious as to render using the computer impossible. I use an Apple wireless "Mighty Mouse" which, when it works is just fantastic. But I've had a problem with it: the cursor would jump around the screen like it was searching the desktop for crack stashes. I looked at a few resources and saw nothing that really addressed the problem. I even downloaded new keyboard and mouse firmware from Apple. But tonight I found the solution to the problem: it seems that mousing on a solid color surface solves the problem. It's a little weird to be mousing on a sheet of printer paper but at least it works. I'll take utility over elegance in this case.
I have the feeling that there is something more to this. And it may relate to the halogen light on my desk or the light from my LCD TV. But I'm going to clean my mouse pad and see if that makes a difference.
The modern world can be glorious but when it doesn't work in expected ways, it can be quite the pain in the butt.
Oh yeah: the post title is a nod to famed British Pekinese Tricky Woo.

In other gadget news, I finally got a Moto Razr phone and it's a vast improvement over the LG slider phone I've been using. The wireless companies are smart to pester their clients with offers of credits when the service contracts expire. I'll end up paying about $30 for the phone. DEal.

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