Monday, December 08, 2008

Guaranteed To Piss Me Off
Watching the televising machine as I try to clear some paper off my desk. An ad for Pizza Hut comes on, features the "Pan-normous" pizza (or some such idiot locution). Yet when they show "the" pizza, it's not "a" pizza; it's two pizza in one box. O F U Pizza Hut. It's not "pan-normous." Call it a "double special" or something. But don't try to sell it as "a pizza."
Maybe I shouldn't get pee oh'ed but it's just stupid shite like that bugs the hell out of me.


Wil said...

And I like their special $1 "Pizzone" ... that is, if you buy the $25 super large pizza special.

You should hear my wife swear at the TV when that one comes on. Almost as bad as the hour long rant I spew everytime I allow myself to watch "Whale Wars". F*&king pirates...

BlogDog said...

Yes! So true!
Your wife gets an award for her perspicacity since I was ranting about pizzas.
As for the whales, I wonder if I go back to Japan I can get a whale meat pizza?