Wednesday, December 03, 2008

This Annoys Me
I have over 1200 messages in my "Inbox." Read ones of course.
I have over 6100 messages in my "Sent" folder.
What the hell? Why have I not deleted these down to, say, a couple of dozen, in each folder? Do I really need to hang on to the fwd'd jokes? The messages I didn't reply to when they were fresh? And why don't I ever delete the crap I sent? This is like the garbage where the pews used to be in Alice's Restaurant and I've got no hippie with a VW microbus to take it out for me.


Paul McCubbin said...

Delete, delete, delete.

How about BlogDog Talk Radio? You said you would look.


Phillymon said...

I set the Sent folder to delete on quit anything older than 30 days. If I haven't needed to check it in a month, I figure I won't need it. Works fine for me. As for Inbox, Paul is right. Delete, delete, delete, then delete some more. With 1200 messages, I'm sure more than a few are OBE...

BlogDog said...

Excellent advice on both counts.
The radio is held aside as I try to take care of other businesses. This weekend should free me up for sufficient time to properly dig into it.