Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's The Last Day!
Let's all run around like decapitated barnyard fowl! Scream and cry! Fill your bathtub with gin and toss in an Olive. Not that there very many girls named Olive any more. But we all have our crosses to bear.
Happy New Year's Eve ever'body! I will *clink* you in absentia as I relax at home with some basquetbol on the televising masheen. I believe in 2010. I don't believe in Tinker Bell, the transformative power of Barack Obama and restrictions on our personal freedom. Ah, but I repeat myself.

Y'all go run along now. There's confetti to toss, booze to drink, cookies to toss and police checkpoints to be avoided. Not that I advocate the consumption of anything that our elders' warned us would make us weak and foolish though! But have some fun, dammit. If not on the Eve, then in the New Year. There remains much life to be lived and it's up to us to do so!


Phillymon said...

When in danger,
When in doubt,
run in circles,
scream and shout.

Happy New Year!

Gradual Dazzle said...

Good New Year resolves are in style
The bulk of them force us to smile
Were I making one now
I should certainly vow
I'll only drink once in a while.

(from the NYTimes, Dec. 27, 1910)

Happy New Year, BlogDog!