Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just So Un-Christmas-y
I could so kill a container of Popeyes Cajun rice right now. I suppose i should figure out how to make it myself but the fact will remain that for about four smacks, I get a stryo pot full of rice, hamburger and jalapenoy goodness. Hmm. Come to think of it, that's kinda pricey.
UPDATE: Or more accurately, ADDED: I recently made a road trip of sufficient length to necessitate stopping for food as well as gas. The stop had Popeyes and my traveling companion had a yen for bird so we got some of their strips. Boneless, so good finger food for eating while driving. I give Popeyes full marks for their strips, basically the best I've had from a fast food joint. Moist, flavorful, served nice and hot, crispy exterior. They're not particularly cheap but in this case, tey are well worth the price.

I see our old pal busted-ass Gordon Ramsay is going to have a "teach people to cook" special on Fox this week. I'll probably watch that. Maybe he'll make Cajun rice.


Wil said...

I just started to catch up on all things BlogDog and upon reading this missive I find myself moved to comment. It is my belief, after several years of consuming my wife's left-over Popeye's Cajun Rice, that there is no "... hamburger ... goodness" in there. No, the secret ingredients are ground chicken gizzards, livers and hearts. Very good stuff and good for you, too.

BlogDog said...

My God! I think you're right. It may be the very secret of the wonderfulness - I love chicken livers.