Saturday, February 04, 2006

Fun Stuff
One of my favorite things that the Interweb has made possible is the creation of custom stuff at CafePress. Yesterday I spent about three hours with a friend designing a custom image and having a few T shirts and a mug made. No details because the recipients get their stuff on the 14th (hint, hint). Still, my friend had an image in mind so we Googled up a base image, snatched a copy of it, opened it in Photshop, manipulated the bejabbers out of it and finally liked what we'd done. Uploaded it to CafePress and click, click, click (to quote Boomhauer), his stuff is on its way. I'll put up one of the images after the day.
I think I have to get on the ball and have that "Pugs of War" merchandise made up for the adoring public.

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