Friday, September 30, 2005

Why We Fight al Qaeda in Iraq

This is required reading:
The Vodka Pundit

In a nutshell (though please read it all):

"We will have proven that their way is the way of death; our way is the way of life.

How it will all play out is anyone's guess. But I do know this much. Anyone who claims we should just suffer attacks on our homeland, or retreat before all hope is lost, or surrender our liberties when those freedoms are what we live for--the only thing that person offers you is the same thing offered you by our enemies:


Stick to the game plan. We can win."

Archie McPhee has more weird crap (sushi air freshener, anyone?) than you can shake a stick, or scroll a mouse, at but these make me want to cough up a fin. Bacon strips bandages. Heh.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

If You Ride
Or if you run or basically do anything that puts you away from home and in harm's way (e.g. being on a road during any one of 24 hours in a day), then a RoadID is a good idea. I have one on my cycling shoes but it has my previous address on it. So I've just ordered a new one with my current address and Lycurgus's phone number. I didn't see much point in having my phone number on it since, if I am in need of emergency attention, there's no one at my house to receive a call. I also included my blood type and that I have no known med allergies.
What else is there to say? Apart from the old saw about "in emergency contact: A Doctor!!!"
How Many Dogs Does It Take To Change a Lightbulb?
The Grouchy Old Cripple has the answer. With a cat thrown in for good measure. No pugs though. Having spoken with a friend recently about Jack Russells, I did get a laugh at that answer. Feel free to suggest the pug's answer in comments.
The Season Is Over
I suppose this will be my final post about Atlantic Cycling for '05 as this Sunday saw the last official ride of the year. There will be a pick-up ride later but as it will be unsupported, I probably won't be involved. This last ride was out of Chestertown, MD and it never ceases to amaze me how delightful and quaint the Eastern Shore can be. These are charming little towns and the flat terrain makes for pretty good rides (I've heard). Next year I plan to ride a couple of them as well as run support on the others. Lord willin' and the crick don't rise.
The day dawned overcast as I was on the road (a two hour drive to the start is pretty easy when you're up before 90% of the drivers) which is good as it kept the day cooler than it might have otherwise been. The over cast burned off in the late morning so the long riders were out in some heat but it was not blazing so I think it was of little consequence. Definitely a cooler ride than the Easton ride that preceded it. My rest stop was at a marina on Warton Creek where the gentleman taking care of the place could not have been more accomodating or more friendly. It was a pleasure to set up in his venue. I'm embarrassed, however, that the watermelon I got was not up to snuff. I've had such good luck getting melons at Costco that I didn't adequately test the one I brought to this ride. It was OK and that I'd refrigerated it helped but it was starting to show its age.
Still, the riders were appreciative even as I apologized so I feel that it wasn't a big problem. Thank goodness. Actually, the riders were wonderful. They hit my stop after riding some 50 of 65 miles so they have every right to be tired, worn and cranky but they just weren't. They were cheery and friendly. Which really makes running a rest stop a pleasure. I even had the chance to drag out my rusty Chinese and Japanese with a few riders. Not a one of which was of oriental heritage, mind you. They were nice about my hideously rusty Zhongwen and Nihongo.
My year of ride support has been a blast. The people who are Atlantic cycling have been wonderful. The riders have been great. And the riders have given us good feedback about what we've done for them so it feels good. I look forward to continuing my association with this great buch of people next year.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Just Rude
A la George Costanza, I thought of a good porn star name today: Mia Gulpa. Mia Maxima Gulpa.


Thursday, September 22, 2005

New On The Roll
I've taken the bull by the horns, bit the bullet and several other clichés by adding Wizbang to the blogroll. I'm saddened by the departure of Sugarmama but since life moves on (and several other clichés) I'm putting in one of my daily reads. Check it out if you haven't already. There's good stuff there every day.
Disaster Preparedness
I've been working on having a two-week supply of food on hand at all times. Not packaged and in the house. Actually on me. Subcutaneously.
Jake Update
Life gets so much easier. Instead of having to trot off to Charlottesville on October 1 to see Jake, I have the chance to see him in my neck of the woods. He's coming to Jammin' Java in Vienna, VA on October 2. He's sharing billing with Hit and Run Bluegrass and Smooth Kentucky so I get to hear some new music. Less of Jake is not good but more new music balances that out.
The Jet Blue Landing
The Political Teen has the video (hat tip: Lileks) in .wmv format. I made the conscious decision not to watch the landing in real time as I was worried that the plane would smack the tarmac hard and ugly. And I just didn't want to watch that. I've seen enough of the devastation of Katrina and I'm sure Rita will bring her own measure of hardship to a whole new set of people. I'm sort of burnt on disaster I suppose. Still, I did watch the landing this morning.
Can we have a round of applause for the pilots, please? I don't think the landing, given the screwed-up nose wheel, could have possibly gone any better than it did. The losses are, in my grotesquely non-professional estimation, the fuel burned off and dumped, a gouge in the runway and an eroded nose wheel assembly. Of course the nose wheel assembly was already bad so that's not really a much greater loss. And that's it. The plane was under control during the entire landing. It looked like it didn't even waver after the nose wheel burned off and the metal started its shower of sparks. The flight crew should be given a commendation. In my opinion of course.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bit of a Footy Update
I watched the highlights show of the Sydney Swans semi-final game against the Geelong Cats. I have to admit to having a small rooting interest in Geelong for a few silly reasons. First, Geelong has been a lousy team for the last few years so it's nice to see the low brought high just as it is to see the high brought low (I'm thinking of the coarse and thuggish Brisbane Lions). Secondly, "Geelong" is just a cool name. Say it out loud: Geelong. Heh heh heh. Finally, I read some time ago of a Geelong player who legally changed his name for a limited period of time to "Whiskas" to promote a cat food. That's the kind of absurdity I can appreciate. They also play in "Skilled Stadium" which is another name I like.
Alas, the Cats did not prevail. They should have: they had a lead going into the final minute but Sydney's Nick Davis kicked four goals in the final quarter with his last coming in the last minute of play to put the Swans ahead 56 (7 goals, 14 behinds) to Geelong's 53 (7 goals, 11 behinds). Wowser. Heart-breaking for the Cats but one of the better low-scoring games I've seen.
The other semi-final featured the Adelaide Crows taking the wind out of the Port Adelaide Power (who names these teams?!), who took last year's Premiership, with a thumping 123 (18 goals, 15 behinds) to 40 (5 goals, 10 behinds) win.
The finals matchup is set but I'll save giving results for next week when I watch the West Coast Eagles v. Adelaide and Sydney v. St. Kilda matches.
A Small Tear, Shed Quietly
Sugarmama has decided to hang up her blogging shoes. If you follow the link, you'll see her explanation. It grieves me that someone who was funny, open and honest about her life on her blog was forced to take such a choice. The slide show page of her pooch Ruby is still up (though I didn't bookmark it so I can't post a link) which is nice because Ruby is an absolute cutie.
That being as it may, I will be removing Sugarmama from the blogroll today as I try to keep the 'roll for active sites. But I'm sorry to be doing so as Sugarmama was something of a blogparent to PoW. I admire the nerve and verve of those who can post details about their lives on their blogs with, it seems, little care that they are laying themselves open to the whole world. Well, the whole internet-accessing world but that's effectively the whole world.
So, Sugarmama: Ave atque vale and my wishes for the very best of what life has to offer. I hope you decide to return to the blogosphere someday and if you do, please drop me a line.

Monday, September 19, 2005

More Polite Than I Would Be
The Anchoress lays out the new bill of indictment against Bill of Indictment But Not Conviction Clinton. It is strange how an overweening amibtion and "need to be loved" results in such churlish behavior. But neither of the Clintons has let politess and decorum interfere with a, dare I say, naked lust for power. At least Bill has the charm without which the conman is undone.

I'd also like to solicit reader opinion about making some additions to theblogroll. Sugarmama and Kim du Toit have gone dark and will be moved off the roll shortly. I have a few candidates for the list: The Anchoress, Michelle Malkin, Curmudgeonly and Skeptical and Michael Yon are all prime candidates in my mind. Schultzie (C&S) can be rude and he hates Duke but his extremity is delightful. Let me know what you think of these as blogroll fodder.
My Million Dollar Idea
Which is actually "My Million Dollar Idea That I Won't Make A Million Dollars From Because Now I've Put It Up On My Blog Where Anybody Can Steal It" but that's way too long a title. My idea is for an alarm clock. Specifically, an alarm clock that recreates the high-frequency buzz of a flying female mosquito. It would ramp up from the time the alarm is set going from inaudible to ... well, here's where my conception of the idea breaks down. I just don't know any of the technical aspects of how to recreate the buzz of a female mosquito but the volume ramp up can't be too difficult - my Wave radio does it.
The genesis of this idea was in a ryokan in Kyoto at 3am. From being sound asleep I was driven into a fully aware (and comabtive) state by the tiny, lone sound of a skeeter bitch driven into my sleeping chamber by her unholy bloodlust. If that little nipper (Watch it! -Ed.) was the thesis of my idea, Lycurgus gave me the antithesis. We talked once, several years after my Japanese sojourn, about an alarm clock that woke one up gently: didn't blare an alarm, didn't come on to a radio station that might be playing something harsh. I think the Bose Wave does a good job of this, what with its slowly increasing volume (up to the level the user sets) on activating. But I was still left to wonder about those times I hit the snooze and then flaked out or was jolted awake unnaturally.
The synthesis then was to remember how quickly, gently and thoroughly I came to life when I sensed the mosquito in that quiet little inn. One aspect of a mosquito's buzz is that in a quiet room, it sounds like it's *right* *next* *to* *your* *head* when it's actually several feet away. I learned this when I turned on the light in the certain knowledge that the little bugger was about to land on me and saw it out of arm's reach. But I'm sure that an alarm clock that recreates that hideous buzz, with a slowly increasing volume, mimicking a thirsty female mosquito getting closer and closer, would bring any hearing person fully awake without the jolt of a too loud song or klaxon.
Remember, if you ever see this idea on the market, I'm the one losing all those royalties.
Planning for Next Year
This year, my deck has been almost completely unused. I cut boards for the new kitchen floor out there. But mostly, it's been wasted space. Ha. Not next year. First, I am going to have it power washed and sealed. It does need that. But more importantly, I'm going to get a few Earthboxes. I'm not a fan of tomatoes - except for the heirloom tomato I ate at my cousin's place in New Jersey - but I may even grow some of them. I can see growing bell peppers, broccoli, lettuce, onions and strawberries. It would be pretty cool to pick my own salad. Lycurgus has used the Earthbox and he says it works as advertised.

UPDATE: I have acquired Peter Loewer's "Small-Space Gardening" in the hopes that some cold-weather reading will have me in the proper frame of mind for getting the Earthboxen going with delicious veggies in the spring.
Aural Assault
iTunes can throw you a curve. I plonk my best side down in front of the 'puter for a morning blog scan and fire up the music. So while looking at the smooth Aaron Neville version of "Crazy Love" (first song in the library list), I click play. Remember that my iTunes is set on "shuffle" so I "never know what I'm gonna git." BAM! "ALL ABOARD!!!!" Yup - Ozzy's "Crazy Train" at a volume higher than I really have should have left the slider. Oh well. What to do? It's Ozzy - crank it UP.
Some Good Things Don't Die
Comedy Central has David Spade doing his "Hollywood Minute" schtick on "The Showbiz Show with David Spade." Yes, the language is Comedy Central crude but it is the most brilliant skewering of celebs on the television machine. How do I know? Click the link, and watch the .wmv stream of "Brad's special chip." I think the term is "fall-down funny." Then again, this has always been David Spade's most brilliant bit.
(Hat tip: Cathy Seipp via Tim Blair.)

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sometimes, the Schedule is a Framework
Two CDs a month. A guideline, not a rule. I was listening to some Al Stewart the other day. It's incredible that such a whiny-voiced Brit could make me such a fan but damned if he hasn't. Let me point out that I was not a Stewart-come-lately, heard-"Year of the Cat"-first type fan. Oh no. I found him off the FM Duke ran back in the late 70s. Actually, WDBS was one of the best radio stations I've ever listened to, but that's a discussion for a different day. I heard "Roads to Moscow" off the "Past, Present & Future" album and was absolutely poleaxed by it. It is an eight minute tour de force: a history of the Second World War from the Russian perspective of a single fighter whose war begins with the German attack and ends with his being sent to Siberia by the Bolsheviks for whom he fought.
Having said that, when "Year of the Cat" came out, I hastened to buy it (on vinyl of course) and I still think it's a remarkably good disc even if "Cat" has become a cliché of sorts. But I realized that I missed having it. So, despite having made my monthly music acquisitions, I took a look at eBay. A used copy, with a cracked cover for 65 cents. No bids. Closing in five hours. Could I resist? No even a little. Being eBay, the shipping is where the seller will make the money so I'm paying $4.50 (you do the math) for my CD copy of "Year of the Cat." And I will shoehorn it into my iTunes library with great glee. I'm even considering getting "Modern Times" in a future month.
By the way, in case anyone hasn't noticed the theme, here are thetitles of Al Stewart discs of the mid 70s: "Past Present Future" (1973), "Modern Times" (1975), "Year of the Cat" (1976), "Early Years" (1977), and "Time Passages" (1978). I sincerely doubt anyone else could carry off this history-in-folk/pop so well. Jake has his "Ithaca" which is wicked good but Al has entire albums of it.
I Can't Explain
I have so much Greg Brown in my iTunes library. I don't like Greg Brown all that much. So why so much? Anyone ... anyone ... Bueller?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Renee and Kenny are no more. Renee, I swear, I'd never lie to you. Call me.

Friday, September 16, 2005

New Shows
I've watched some of "Threshold" (gotta love alien invasion shows, right? OK, maybe not) and have two very good reasons to watch further: a delightful cream-colored Frenchie and the exceptional Peter Dinklage. I also like Charles Dutton but Carla Gugino has never made me press a button on the remote. Well, that's not exactly true, she is fully capable of making me press the "change channel" button when I see she's on a show. The Frenchie's cute as can be though.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Despite My Tendency To Snark
Pugs of War has a cause: Interstitial Cystitis. The link takes you to the IC Support Group of Manhattan which has collected several valuable links on one site. IC is a bladder affliction and as such is one of those things that most people just 'don't want to think about' and is not the subject of polite conversaton. However, for those it afflicts, it is a source of constant pain and is a fetter on a free and active life.
With all the pleading for donations for hurricane victims, PoW wants to call your attention to the PayPal button at the bottom of the linked page. Please consider supporting IC relief in your charitable giving. You won't see a telethon for it but you would be doing something very good for far more people than you'd imagine. I have donated $100 and plan to make that at least a yearly contribution. The tagline here at PoW will stay through the end of the year and I will be posting monthly about supporting IC.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Adieu Mark Messier

I wouldn't normally blog about sports heroes because I have grown too old and these are usually celebrated when you are much younger than I am. Though I will make an exception for Mark Messier of the New York Rangers. He was the last sports figure I was able to regard with both respect and awe. Yesterday he decided at the ripe old age of 44 to call it a career.

He came to New York and played for my beloved hockey team at a time when they hadn't won a Stanley Cup Championship in over 50 years. He was well past his prime and had enjoyed considerable success elsewhere. Most people would have been satisfied with all he had accomplished to that point.

I'm not sure what motivated him but he certainly wasn't afraid of a challenge. In May of 1994 his team was down 3 games to 2 and it looked like it was going to turn out badly for the Blueshirts. Instead of rolling over like many people would have and succumbing to the inevitable bad luck that had plagued the Rangers, Messier told the world that he "guaranteed a victory" in their next game.

It was on this occasion that I witnessed something that I will remember all my life. It was one man taking over a game completely and dominating the moment. The quintessential moment came at the beginning of the final period of play and the Rangers were losing by a goal. At was at this moment the TV cameras showed Messier standing in front of all his teammates on the bench exhorting them not to give up. It was such an awesome display of fortitude that even the coach had to stand and just watch. Messier then went out and scored 3 goals in the period and the Rangers won.

From then on nothing could stop the Rangers and their 54 year stretch without a Stanley Cup was over. Accomplishments like this are easily overshadowed these days by reports of athletes compromising their integrity with Steroids, and that's too bad. They would all be better off trying to remember the story of the man who guaranteed a victory and then delivered. Thanks, Mark.

Friday, September 09, 2005

iPod Nano
It is so crazy beautiful. I want to use profanity to express how amazing it is. I now have a new, gorgeous iPod called "Marchen." If anyone can figure out why I named it that, a prize will be awarded. (Disclaimer: prize is determined and awarded at the sole discretion of BlogDog.) I'm thinking a five pound bag of gummi bears from Costco as a prize. Almost as sweet as my new 'Pod.
The Bamboo Floor (Cont'd)
When last we left our intrepid new batch of engineered grass flooring, it was one piece of quater-round moulding short of being (in the words of Bart Simpson) done done. Well, I am now in possession of the final piece having had it shipped to my abode through the good graces of Lumber Liquidators. That alone is not exceptional but I was highly intrigued by the shipping. The six foot piece of moulding was wrapped to a slightly longer, slightly wider piece of plywood. Then the two pieces were wrapped in a good double layer of bubble wrap and the shipping label was slapped right onto the bubble wrap. It arrived in perfect shape.
I wouldn't think the bubble wrap would be tough enough to survive but it cetainly did. I don't think I'd try it with consumer-level bubble wrap but obviously there is a commerical version that is tough enough to get through the shipping process unscathed.
Nouvelle Orleans Cuisine
In the manner of the Swanson "Angry Man" dinner posted much earlier, I present menu items from the new Big Greasy:
Crawfish Scumbo
Rot Beans and Rice
Dirty Smelly Rice
Lake Pontchartrain Faecal Soup (not avialable in unleaded)
and for afters:
I'd feel horrible about this if ... only if ... OK, I can't come up with a reason to feel really horrible about this. I mean, there's the massive human suffering but if I were thinking about that, I wouldn't have made the "Muddy Gras" joke several days ago.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hurricane Katrina
Scum rises. Not just the human scum who floated up on the rising waters to rape and loot. Political scum whose "rank hipocrisy" goes back to the lying reason the group was formed. This is nothing new from the scum puppies at

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I'm So Screwed
Apple has done it again. The iPod nano. 2 and 4 gigabyte version of the color iPod priced at $200 and $250. Now the line goes seamlessly from the screenless 512 MB Shuffle at $100 to the 60 gig color-screen iPod for $400.
That distant rustle you hear is me raiding my cash stash to buy a completely unneeded 4 gig iPod nano.

UPDATE: I'm in good company. Lileks shares my distress. Also, courtesy of the New York Liberal Mothership (registration not required in this case) the ad for the iPod Flea. It made me giggle.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Football and Footy
Last night I was up much later than I planned to be because I got sucked into the vortex of the Miami - Florida State football game. An all-ACC contest (as much as I have mixed emotions about that) between the 9th ranked and 14th ranked teams respectively. Ay yi yi. What a crapfest. FSU won by the glittering score of 10-7. Scoring doesn't necessarily make the game but not scoring can sure unmake the game. Miami did everything but put the ball in the endzone or through the uprights and the FSU defense made Miami look frickin' silly at times. Not that FSU looked like a top 20 team either. If there is any justice in the world (of college sports - and there's not), both teams would drop in the rankings.
So I wasted about as much of my life as I spent on the hideous last Star Wars movie. It's a habit I must break.
On the other hand, the Footy program featured the final regular season game between the top two teams in Aussie Rules: the West Coast Eagles (the "Weagles" - gotta love that) and the Adelaide Crows. The game was played at Subiaco Oval in Perth, home of the Weagles yet the Crows were able to beat the team that has stood atop the ladder all season to take the top spot at the end. The score was Adelaide 82 (12 goals, 10 behinds) to West Coast 74 (10 goals, 14 behinds) and it was a barn-burner. Both teams had something to prove and it showed. West Coast went through much of the season undeafeated only to stumble at bit late. Given the contest I saw, I have to think the Crows are going to take the Premiership this season.
Sadly, the Collingwood Magpies ended the season ahead of only the Carlton Blues who get this year's wooden spoon for finishing at the bottom of the league. Small comfort is taken in the fact that the thuggish Brisbane Lions also finished in the bottom eight and are not in thre hunt for the Premiership. But the Lions finished the year with 40 points to the Pies 20. Collingwood needs to do some serious rebuilding.

A while back, Paul asked what brought me to watch Footy. I don't think I ever posted on that. So.... It's as simple as a jersey. Or guernsey as they're called in Aussie Rules. I happened upon a game where the Richmond Tigers were wearing game guernseys with the phrase "Drink Drive Bloody Idiot" on the back. I thought it was hilarious. It turns out that one of the team sponsors is the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) which used the phrase as a slogan. I was intrigued enough to keep watching and found the game to be remarkably interesting. Interesting because I didn't know what was going on. So I continued to watch and now understand a good deal (though by no means all) of what goes on. And it's just a great game. A combination of the action of soccer (non-stop) with the scoring of American football (weird), played by tough guys who don't wear pads but crash into each other all the time. I mean all the time. Between having to run for the entire game and the physical strength to take a mark (catch a kicked ball) in a crowd, Footy players are incredible athletes.
By the way, I do own a Richmond Tigers guernsey. Yes, it has the slogan on the back.
Today's Woot
I could not be a bigger proponent of Wi-Fi. Love it. Love it. Love it. Wouldn't want to live without a broadband connection (still DSL much to my co-blogger's consternation) and Wi-Fi to surf all over the house. I like sitting at the kitchen table, firing up the laptop and crusing the b'sphere at my leisure.
So what's the deal with Woot today? A Motorola USB Wi-Fi (802.11g) adapter for $15 and another fin for shipping. It's always a fin for shipping with Woot. If I weren't currently loaded on Wi-Fi connectivity (Airport Extreme card in the iMac, Airport card in the laptop and a Netgear PCI Wi-Fi g card in the PC), I'd jump on this deal with both feet. Though that would surely crush the product, I would have the warm glow of jumping on it with both feet.
You are casting a glance at Woot every day (not just every week day anymore) for the bargains, aren't you?
Late Delivery
What with holiday excitement (wha -Shut up! Ed!- -Ed.), I didn't post a link to Joe Sherlock's most excellent note about VacMan David Oreck. I don't see permalinks so scroll down to Sunday, September 4 postings. If this seems trivial, let me assure you that it is indeed one of those Things That Matter. Oreck may come across as a Popeil-ish television pitchman for vacuums and air cleaners but he's an engine of commerce. Let me steal directly from the AP report quoted in Joe's blog:
The Oreck vacuum cleaner company expects to reopen its New Orleans-area plant within the ten days as it temporarily relocates its headquarters to Dallas. Family-run Oreck Corporation is a big part of the Gulf Coast business fabric with headquarters on the shores of the Mississippi and a big factory in nearby Long Beach, Mississippi. Its headquarters is expected to be inaccessible for weeks, so the company is setting up a home office for now in Dallas and is trucking in temporary housing for staff. Shelter is also being provided for workers at the company's Long Beach factory, which appears to have escaped major damage. The company has also resumed processing orders after shifting its call center to Denver and determining that most of its inventory was undamaged. Oreck employs about a thousand people.
Joe suggests Oreck for President. Pulling my tongue out of my cheek with main force, I won't second that nomination but I am going to suggest the Oreck Eight Pound Vacuum as the Official Vacuum of Pugs of War. And, in point of reality, the next vac I buy is going to be an Oreck. Apparently it really sucks and that's a good thing.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Go. Go Now.
Bill Whittle on Tribes. I will post later along the lines of tribes. But today, read Whittle. This is not a suggestion. It is a necessity. If you do not read Whittle, you are not intellectually serious. Period.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

So Long Verizon and AT+T!

I just did away with Verizon as my local carrier and AT+T as my long distance provider. The elimination of these two was accomplished by the installation of a new cable modem from Time Warner. I now make my calls via VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). It took less than 20 minutes and I'll save about $30 a month on my phone service. Your mileage will vary.

The only downside is that when the power goes out I have no way of making or receiving calls, except via my cell phone. It's a chance I'll take.
I Can See You!

Only kidding. Though I did just install Google Earth. If you have the bandwidth and CPU power it is worth a try.

Note: You may also want to upgrade your Video Card on your computer. They suggested a 3D graphics card: 3D-capable video card with 16MB VRAM.

Unfortunately, no Mac version is offered at this time. Shame on them because the Mac has always been known as a machine that can handle graphics. They must have been in a hurry to make it to market as it is an awesome piece of software.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Why Does He Think of These Things? Why!
If you crossed a lizard with a fire ant and produced a multi-headed offspring, would that be a fire hydrant?

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Not Even Vaguely Hurricane Related
Unless you count that post title of course. But it's the start of the month ("It's the start of the month/One of twelve I don't like..." Emm Gryner "This Mad" complete lyrics here), and I haven't even fired off a random synapse in the direction of my 2 discs of new music for the month. And lucky, lucky me! Emm has a new disc available for pre-order: "The Great Lakes." That check is in the mail today. And for the other... (pondering) ... I think I need to fill out my collection of Carbon Leaf. Perhaps "Ether-Electrified Porch Music." Ha! Done. Gotta love that Amazon "One-Click." Now, I'll just be updating the "longings" section and I'm off to do things in meatspace.
OK, This is Strange
Not big strange, but strange nonetheless. When I view PoW in Firefox, no comment numbers display. When I load Safari, the number of barks back shows. Whuzzup wid dat?