Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Additions After The Subtraction
A weather eye cast to the right shows a few changes in the old sidebar. First, added to the links is Rob "Acidman" Smith as "Way Off Base in Jawja." I'll leave the explanation of "Acidman" to the man himself on his own site but I will point out that "off base" (i.e. acidic, not "base" or alkali) is my tribute to his acidity. He is a Georgia resident who's been up and down, strayed and stayed, been kicked while he was down and had the grit (a word that means more than ground hominy) to face up to how he was treated and the honesty to tell his continuing story.
I don't want to go into details about his story because it's his story but I will say he writes agonizing truth with verve and colloquial wit. If you aren't familiar with his site, explore it. Read his stories of abuse at the hands of an ex-wife and imagine yourself in his circumstances. Could you endure it? I haven't had to go through nearly what he has and I was left devastated at a number of critical junctures. He's known Mike Cross as long as I have but he's had the enviable experience of actually playing guitar with Mike. Jealousy is a weak word for what I, as a musical incompetent, feel. I say this again: if you haven't read him, go and do so. There's a lot there so expect, if you're going to visit the archives (which I most strongly suggest), to spend some time in Acidman's parlor. Even though he hates cats, he is one blogger I'd really like to meet.
(I like cats well enough but I'm more a dog person - witness the site and the handle.)

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