Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Beisbol Returns to Vashinktun Deesy
Even as I write I'm listen to mush-mouthed Mayor Anthony "I'm Not a Scary Black Man Even Though I Wear A Bow Tie" Williams talk about MLB bringing the Expos (headline: "Expos - Facto!") to the District of Columbia. What a bunch of slobber. And I don't mean the drool the mayor seems to keep having to suck back into his mouth as he speaks. All the money that will go into the reconstruction of RFK (nee DC) Stadium will be magic money. "Major" businesses will pay more taxes, taxes will be on tickets, parking concessions so the good ratepayers of Washington will not be burdened. To quote Edna Krabappel: "Ha!" Perhaps, were I a fan of the "national pastime," I might care about this. But instead I'm going to have to put up with a spewing orgy of self-congratulation and vast gouts of inconsequential drivel. I'll check to see what they name the team. After that. F(orget) 'em. I have Footy, NCAA hoops and ... OK, I will admit to watching NFL games as well. Oh, and whatever coverage of the TdF I can scare up.

UPDATE: I was unkind to the mayor. I hear on the news that he has a cold. I apologize for the comment above and hope he is over it soon. He's a bit of mush-mouth even without the cold though.

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