Wednesday, September 29, 2004

It's all over now including the shouting. Congratulations to the Port Adelaide Power! In a magnificently played final quarter, the Power closed down a thuggish Brisbane Lion team which has pulled the last three Premierships. The final score was the Power 113 (17 goals, 11 behinds) to the Lions' 73 (10 goals, 13 behinds). A convincing 40 point win.
A Collingwood fan can only be heartened that the Magpies' four straight championships is a record that will be preserved against the depredations of the despised Lions. The Pies definitely had a down year but there is some joy in seeing the Lions not win out. Next year looks to be even more interesting as the Lions look to be older and on the decline. The upcoming teams such as Geelong and Essendon might be better still and who knows what St. Kilda will do after their amazing undefeated run at the start of the season. But screw dem guys! We want Collingwood to win it all! If the spate of injuries that plagued the Pies this season is over, it just might be another good year.
It's too early to say. Stay tuned.

Oh, at the opening ceremonies an "Australian Idol" winner, who looks disturbingly like the supposedly male Osbourne kid, butchered "Waltzing Matilda" like a mental patient with a machete and a grudge. Awful.

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