Monday, October 11, 2004

Gasoline Floats on Water
At the bottom of the front page of the Washington Times is a story about Hawaiian seawater (desalinated of course) being sold for $6 per bottle. That price is in Japan for Mahalo brand 1.5 liter bottles and actually the price range is $4 to $6 per bottle. As it says:
"Desalinated deep-sea water from Kona is the state's fastest-growing export,
with demand soaring in Japan. Super-cold water sucked up from thousands of
feet below the Pacific Ocean's surface is being marketed as healthy, pure,
mineral-rich drinking water."
First the ungodly expensive coffee and now the ungodly expensive water you can make the coffee with. Though I wouldn't. If the water is sold as being mineral-rich, then it would make lousy coffee. As Martin Short's SNL tobacco executive would say, "I know that. Why would you think I wouldn't know that?"
But that's not all the news from the Aloha state. Here, in its enervating brevity is another item from the "American Scene" page of the WashTimes:

State's gas prices hit record highs
HONOLULU — Hawaii's gasoline prices, the highest in the nation, are now a
little bit higher. The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded in the
islands hit a record $2.37 Friday, well above the national average, AAA said.
Maui motorists paid the most at the pump, an average of $2.649 per gallon.
California had the second-highest gas prices in the nation at $2.28 per gallon.

Boo freakin' hoo. Live on an island, pay some more for things that have to be imported. Ask the people who live in the Caymans. Ask the people who live in Bermuda. It is inescapable. At least the Hawaiians have good, cheap, fresh pineapple. Dammit.
But I don't just offer snark. I'm all about the love. All about solutions. So it behooves me to offer this simple solution. Sell more got-dam water so you can afford to buy more got-dam gasoline.
I should get paid for brilliant economic advice like this.

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