Monday, October 11, 2004

I Am Pro-Military
The Times has a regular column for soldiers' and veterans' issues, including questions from families and the like. It's called "Sgt. Shaft" and I haven't been able to find a link to it. However, the headline on today's column is "Civil War private may be eligible for headstone." I am nonplused. I mean, God love you David G, Noble, deceased December 18, 1871, but is the erection of a headstone (poor choice of words - Ed.) really a problem or an issue at this point? Pvt. Noble is buried in an unmarked grave (Lawnview Cemetery in Rockledge, PA for the detail-oriented) and a headstone is a good thing on a grave.
On the other hand, I understand the desire of the descendants to have an official recognition of the sacrifice of their ancestor. Yet my Southern blood still wants to say that he was just a damn Yankee anyway. Keeping that Southern blood under control is difficult some times. What the hell. I hope Pvt. Noble gets his stone and that his spirit rests in peace as do his remains in the good soil of Pennsylvania.

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