Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I Want Psychic Hardware
My usual configuration here at PoW Central HQ (Hindquarters) is that the PowerBook is running the wireless connection to the Linksys router while the desktop Mac is running a hardwire to the same point. Not that the latter matters because the destop box is taking the role of iTunes Playback Device since it has more hard drive capacity and (at the mo') slightly better speakers. The iPD, however, has its own little wireless suite of keyboard and mouse, neither of which is much used. The PB has a hardwired mouse attached so my right hand is mostly cupped around that little lump of plastic-wrapped LED technology.
Every now and then, naturally, I need to adjust something in iTunes - say, switch from "shuffle" mode to continuous play. The trouble is my hand rests on the mouse that's not attached to the iPD. Then, with that wonderful lag effect a modern brain has the ability to create, I wonder why the pointer on the monitor is not moving.
I want a psychic mouse that knows when I want the pointer on the other machine to move with out my having to pick up the daggum other mouse which is well over four inches from where my hand is! I don't think this is too much to ask.

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