Saturday, October 16, 2004

Ow, Ow and Double Ow
I have gout. My right great toe is red, warm and painful. This really sucks. You'd be surprised how remarkably painful this is. Jebus, I just have to stop eating. Of course if fate is what I expect, I'll be metabolizing my own fat which would be a richer diet than I'm eating now. That would be perfect - more gout when fasting. At least I share this condition with my favorite immigrant.
It's more frustrating that the condition now alights in my right foot as my left hip joint is my worst on-going problem. When both sides are afflicted, I walk like a major cripple instead of just a regular cripple.
This being as it is - and I think it's on the mend since yesterday was worse - I should get some more long-form blogging up today. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE: Kim Du Toit has been added to the blogroll. He is "Out of the (Gun) Closet" though I have the suspicion that most of you will have already figured that out.

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