Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bit of a Footy Update
I watched the highlights show of the Sydney Swans semi-final game against the Geelong Cats. I have to admit to having a small rooting interest in Geelong for a few silly reasons. First, Geelong has been a lousy team for the last few years so it's nice to see the low brought high just as it is to see the high brought low (I'm thinking of the coarse and thuggish Brisbane Lions). Secondly, "Geelong" is just a cool name. Say it out loud: Geelong. Heh heh heh. Finally, I read some time ago of a Geelong player who legally changed his name for a limited period of time to "Whiskas" to promote a cat food. That's the kind of absurdity I can appreciate. They also play in "Skilled Stadium" which is another name I like.
Alas, the Cats did not prevail. They should have: they had a lead going into the final minute but Sydney's Nick Davis kicked four goals in the final quarter with his last coming in the last minute of play to put the Swans ahead 56 (7 goals, 14 behinds) to Geelong's 53 (7 goals, 11 behinds). Wowser. Heart-breaking for the Cats but one of the better low-scoring games I've seen.
The other semi-final featured the Adelaide Crows taking the wind out of the Port Adelaide Power (who names these teams?!), who took last year's Premiership, with a thumping 123 (18 goals, 15 behinds) to 40 (5 goals, 10 behinds) win.
The finals matchup is set but I'll save giving results for next week when I watch the West Coast Eagles v. Adelaide and Sydney v. St. Kilda matches.

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