Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Late Delivery
What with holiday excitement (wha -Shut up! Ed!- -Ed.), I didn't post a link to Joe Sherlock's most excellent note about VacMan David Oreck. I don't see permalinks so scroll down to Sunday, September 4 postings. If this seems trivial, let me assure you that it is indeed one of those Things That Matter. Oreck may come across as a Popeil-ish television pitchman for vacuums and air cleaners but he's an engine of commerce. Let me steal directly from the AP report quoted in Joe's blog:
The Oreck vacuum cleaner company expects to reopen its New Orleans-area plant within the ten days as it temporarily relocates its headquarters to Dallas. Family-run Oreck Corporation is a big part of the Gulf Coast business fabric with headquarters on the shores of the Mississippi and a big factory in nearby Long Beach, Mississippi. Its headquarters is expected to be inaccessible for weeks, so the company is setting up a home office for now in Dallas and is trucking in temporary housing for staff. Shelter is also being provided for workers at the company's Long Beach factory, which appears to have escaped major damage. The company has also resumed processing orders after shifting its call center to Denver and determining that most of its inventory was undamaged. Oreck employs about a thousand people.
Joe suggests Oreck for President. Pulling my tongue out of my cheek with main force, I won't second that nomination but I am going to suggest the Oreck Eight Pound Vacuum as the Official Vacuum of Pugs of War. And, in point of reality, the next vac I buy is going to be an Oreck. Apparently it really sucks and that's a good thing.

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