Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Today's Woot
I could not be a bigger proponent of Wi-Fi. Love it. Love it. Love it. Wouldn't want to live without a broadband connection (still DSL much to my co-blogger's consternation) and Wi-Fi to surf all over the house. I like sitting at the kitchen table, firing up the laptop and crusing the b'sphere at my leisure.
So what's the deal with Woot today? A Motorola USB Wi-Fi (802.11g) adapter for $15 and another fin for shipping. It's always a fin for shipping with Woot. If I weren't currently loaded on Wi-Fi connectivity (Airport Extreme card in the iMac, Airport card in the laptop and a Netgear PCI Wi-Fi g card in the PC), I'd jump on this deal with both feet. Though that would surely crush the product, I would have the warm glow of jumping on it with both feet.
You are casting a glance at Woot every day (not just every week day anymore) for the bargains, aren't you?

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