Wednesday, January 02, 2008

First Half-arsed Success Of The New Year
When it comes to telephones, I'm a headset wearer. Dyed-in-the-wool, any-other-hyphenated-phrase dedicated headset guy. I no longer want to hold a phone to my face than spit on the sidewalk. By which I mean that I will do it but I don't like it. This presents no problems when it comes to my cell phone - it has speaker function though I much prefer to use the Bluetooth headset (gad I love Bluetooth!) Even with my computer when I'm Skypeing, I use a Bluetooth headset.
But my desk phone has been a thorn in my side for months. I started by using a good-old cordless phone. But that meant plugging a wired headset into the phone and then leaving the handset lying on the desk as I yakked. Not a bad solution but when the headset flaked out on me, I thought it time to cut the cord. So I got a cordless headset. One of these. It was on sale from the bargain-wranglers at But that meant I had to figure out a phone to run the headset base unit. I wanted Caller ID and a phone that wouldn't take a slot on my desk UPS with a power brick. So I found an inexpensive GE phone at Circuit City and set it all up only to find that the headset didn't work with it. (sigh) So I've been talking, at my desk, on a simple, traditional handset for months. It's a new year and i got fed up with not rocking my desk set the way I wanted it to be. So I used Amazon to get myself a nice, new Panasonic, battery-powered (rechargeable of course!), cheap but good phone. It is now nearly completely set up and I'm happy to say that the headset puts foot to booty in a serious way. Cordless, comfy. I can be on the phone and answer nature's call at the same time. Talk about your call waiting!
Tomorrow I figure out how to set up the automatic handset lifter so I can answer the phone remotely from the headset itself. Technology is wonderful and liberating. These are great times in which to live. Seriously.
On the other hand.... In ordering the phone from Amazon, I figured I'd get a few more of the excellent Sony rechargeable AA batteries to fill out the order for free shipping. D'oh! So how did I get AAA batteries? By not paying sufficient attention. Not only that, the AA recharger doesn't fit the AAA batteries. Unh, I mean, vice versa. But I have a few things that use AAA batteries so I'm going to get a charger for the AAAs and a deck of the AAs from my local Staples using my credit card point dollars. Ha.

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