Thursday, January 24, 2008

No posts until the Sunday music embed. I've got a lot on my slate and dealing with it is taking the gumption I would otherwise put into the biting wit and deep thoughts of blog posting. And the sarcasm. Did I mention the sarcasm?
A couple of notes until I return: I talked with a (and I'm not being sarcastic here) very nice customer service rep at Verizon to inquire about their FIOS service which is available in my 'hood. As it turns out, I can actually save a few (not many but a few) dollars with the special offers and bundled service that they offer in FIOS. That would be faster internet, better television signal and all the same phone features. 15 days to cancel should I decide I don't like it. A two-year price lock in. Free installation and one extra special discount which is what brings my cost down to just below what I'm paying now. Deal. (ptew! shake)
Newspaper. I'm going to try the Washington Times electronic version instead of home delivery of the paper. It's cheaper. I don't have to toddle out in the cold or heat to collect it. I won't have to deal with the read paper (bundling and recycling that is). As long as I can print out the X-word puzzle (and sometimes the sudoku), I think it'll work much better for me. I'm just so ecologically conscious! Oh look - sarcasm's back.

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