Thursday, January 03, 2008

New On The Blogroll: Amy Alkon
Amy "The Advice Goddess" Alkon is newest on the blogroll. Insty has thrown up a couple of links to her recently and I find her writing to be actually laugh out loud funny, smart, sane and to the point. I don't imagine she suffers fools gladly so it's great to see her eviscerate them (wittily no less!) in print.
She's a syndicated columnist as well ... let me change that "as well" to "as is well deserved." I wish my WashTimes would carry her column but having online access to her output is a fair substitute. On top of all this, check out the photo she has on her blog. Rowr! That shot just rumbles with sophistication and sexiness. It doesn't hurt that she's a glorious redhead.
There's more: I've sent her a couple of e-mails (one saying how great her photo was and another calling her line "a Ph.D. in bombastic flatulence" Guinness-scientist brilliant) and she was gracious enough to respond to each. Which she absolutely didn't have to do. Not that she needs any PR from me but what a great lady. Couldn't be happier to have her on the blogroll.

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